Window Treatments

Upgrade Your Home with Custom Window Treatments in Scottsdale, AZ

Piazza Upholstery provides quality upholstery services in Scottsdale, AZ. We prioritize every detail of your home décor to upgrade your place. We will transform your living space into a cozy haven by providing beautiful custom window treatments in Scottsdale, AZ. In addition to our window treatments, we also offer foam replacement services.

We Provide the Best Window Treatments for Your Space

Our skilled artisans will deliver the perfect curtains or blinds for your home. With custom window treatments, we can add elegance, block out light, or both. You don't have to settle for existing off-the-shelf offerings that don't fit the dimensions of your windows. We work closely with you to create perfect window coverings that suit your unique style and preferences.

Who says you have to settle for standard drapes? Why not create custom drapes that personalize your home? Let our experienced designers walk you through the process, from choosing the perfect fabrics, patterns, and colors to match your existing furniture and decor to delivering customized drapes that showcase your personality and impress your guests.

Custom window treatments and drapery are not just about aesthetics - they offer practical benefits, too. Our high-quality window coverings provide excellent insulation and energy savings that will positively impact your utility costs. In addition, they offer you privacy while allowing natural light to flow through.

Why Choose Us

At Piazza Upholstery, we believe that every customer deserves the best. That's why we use only the finest materials and work with meticulous attention to detail to ensure that your custom window treatments and drapery are of the highest quality. Our skilled artisans take pride in their work, and each piece is carefully crafted to exceed your expectations.

Schedule a Consultation with Us

If you're ready to upgrade your home with custom window treatments and drapery, you're in the right place. Contact us today to schedule a consultation with our design experts. We'll help you bring your vision to life, creating window coverings that reflect your style and enhance the beauty of your home. Trust Piazza Upholstery for all your upholstery needs - because your home deserves the perfect finishing touch.